About Us

Our Promise
Open Security Consultancy offers a recognized quality supplier of outsourced security services, by providing the highest quality security to customers, suiting their various needs. Whatever the service you decide upon, you can be assured that you have chosen wisely, we will help you reduce the crime risks that your business may face. Through our high level of customer service and support, we at Open Security are confident that we will provide you with the best service of security advice and the peace of mind you deserve. We would be pleased to discuss your personal requirements more fully and if required, we will carry out a detailed consultancy of your security needs. Both short and long-term contracts will be accepted and detailed quotes are available by contacting:

Tim Willetts (Please put a picture of me on this page)
Open Security email: tpwilletts@me.com
Mobile 07886218800

It is the policy of Open Security Consultancy to provide its customers with a service that fulfils their specified requirements. The following principles are applied throughout the company:

1. Integrity, Selfless Commitment, Discipline, Setting and achieving goals, Loyalty, Respect for others.
2. Full commitment of all personnel to active involvement in making improvements.
3. Ongoing training and development
4. Full understanding by all employees, of the long-term importance of achieving customer satisfaction, by providing a consistently high-quality range of services.
5. An appreciation that a consistent quality of service can only be achieved by ensuring control at each stage of service delivery.
A company-wide quality assurance system is in operation and which is designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001/2000.

The Quality Manual defines the commitments of the company and the complementary Quality Procedures, to ensure customer satisfaction.